The Meatspace Herald-Tribune serving meatspace since forever Anti-Human Nature Protests Turn Ugly, i.e. Human Millions rioted Saturday, protesting human nature's prominent role in creating a world
that seems bent on just really keeping everybody royally pissed off all the time. Anytown, World, (Aug 7) -- Millions upon millions of people all over the world, fed up with, you know, blah blah blah, took to the streets, Saturday, to tell the world, "you know, whatever, dude". Keywords: Riots, protests, demonstrations, anarchy, revolution, playstation 3. [MSHT #15]   posted: 8.7.06     previous     Copyright (c) 2006 by HC C3F:   MFU   WASHINGTON PISSED   ACID ROUND THE CLOCK   BOGON   CORE DUMP   C3F CLASSIC   ORDER   CONTACT