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Hollywood's Coming!
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Studio: Universal
Director: Kevin Reynolds/Kevin Costner
Stars: Kevin Costner, Dennis Hopper
Release Date: July 28
Gross: 85.0 million - 9 weeks (9/24)

Entire Storyline changed in editing room:

After the film was already shot, the original storyline was thrown away and existing footage was re-edited and re-dubbed to create an entirely new story.

In the new cut, Kevin Costner plays a geek programmer who invents a version of Netscape that works underwater. Marc Andreesen (Dennis Hopper) is so pissed by this, he invents a version of Netscape that works only on the space shuttle.

Soon, programmers everywhere are trying to outdo each other writing new web browsers that work in ever stupider places: like browsers that only work as you approach the speed of light, or only work on top of K-2, or only work during earthquakes of magnitude 7.4 or greater.

Eventually, all programmers are sucked into this, and there's no one left to write software for Microsoft and civilization ends. Warring tribes of Nazis now roam the countryside, terrorizing helpless refugee villages into learning Godwin's Law by heart.

In the final shot, Costner breaks a fresh egg and holds his hands up to the camera, letting the white drip through the fingers of the left, and the yolk, through the fingers of the right.

Production Problems:



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