Hollywood's Coming!
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Studio: New Line
Director: Agnieszka Holland
Screenplay: Christopher Hampton
Stars: Leonardo DiCaprio, David Thewlis
Status: Post-Production

True Story with Cyber Add-Ins:

19th Century French poet, Arthur Rimbaud, decides to by-pass "the bullshit middleman monopoly publishing industry" and puts his writing directly up on a web site on the net.

But, despite lots of e-mail praise and multiple "cool site of the day" selections, his work is still mostly ignored by the mass of netsurfers just too busy doing Sony/Penthouse Internet treasure hunts or downloading 90-Meg Pocohantas Forever promo clips.

Utterly pissed-off by this, he puts on fatigue gear, grabs a couple of AK-47s, changes the spelling of his last name, and goes around blowing away everything in sight.

In the end, on his deathbed, at the last moment, he reforms and becomes a whore, and the day after he dies, his book of poems goes to number 1 on the BestSellers list, and his publishers make billions and throw huge parties where all the members of the industry gather and fuck each other to death using pickup lines taken from his unpublished letters.

Production Delays:

Long, sudden, unplanned stoppages in shooting, when the cast and crew would just freeze in place and stand there for hours on end, transfixed, unmoving, staring totally inward, basking in the glowing realization of the true nature of the Self.

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