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Hollywood's Coming!
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Studio: Columbia Pictures
Director: Irwin Winkler
Stars: Sandra Bullock, Dennis Miller, Jeremy Northam
Release Date: July 28 (moved up from Aug 4)
Gross: 48.8 million - 10 weeks (10/1)


When a reclusive systems analyst (Sandra Bullock), tries to blow the whistle on the kiddie-porn screen-savers secretly shipped in Windows 95, Bill Gates (Dennis Miller) retaliates by hacking her internet account and sending really filthy e-mail from it to her boss and friends.

Now alone and unemployed, Bullock is chased by Gates' personal mafioso stormtroopers through various complex international sewer systems, and up and down the Empire State Building in freight elevators, until she finally stumbles onto the top secret Usenet group that teaches advanced schmoozing skills to serious hermits.

After reading this group for just a few hours, she's completely changed from a shy, introverted, agoraphobic geek into a raging, Kung-Fu, kickboxing action Heroine, and accidentally wipes out the Montana militia and the CIA as a by-product of intentionally wiping out Gates' tatooed skinhead hit-team.

Though she's immediately offered all kinds of 6-picture film deals and 6-year/10-album recording contracts because of this, she remains true to herself, walks away from all the glamor, and spends the last 30 minutes of the film wandering around Laguna Beach in nothing but a pair of 2-lb VR goggles, mumbling something about "PGP'd memes in HTML 4.0."

Production Delays:

Cast and crew frequently lapsed into group comas, both from the excitement of it all, and in honor of Bullock's last film, "While you Were Sleeping on Speed."

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