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Hollywood's Coming!
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Studio: Paramount
Director: Sydney Pollack
Screenplay: Barbara Benedek, David Rayfiel
Stars: Harrison Ford, Julia Ormond, Seinfeld, Letterman, Leno, Tom Snyder, Conan O'Brien, Jenny Jones
Release Date: Dec 15, 1995
Gross (as of 12/26/95): $14.6 million

"Cyberized" storyline:

In this remake of the 1954 comedy, two wealthy brothers meet a chauffeur's daughter on the Internet and immediately decide to try to get on the Jenny Jones show posing as a 3-way incest team.

But Jenny gets tipped off that they're lying, a few days before the actual show, and to get back at them, she secretly has all their parents and illegitimate brothers and sisters flown in from Death Row and set to appear at the same time.

But this really pisses off Jenny's crew, so while she's still doing her intro at the top of the show, they leap out from backstage and disembowel her with corkscrews, on the air.

Then a guest host leads the audience in discussing whether this was a good or bad thing to have done.

Production Delays:

Much time was wasted begging Jenny Jones to please play herself in the film and not use a stunt double.

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