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Production: American Zoetrope/Vanguard Films
Director: Francis Ford Coppola
Screenplay: Michael Herr
Stars: Tom Hanks as Jack Kerouac, Tom Cruise as Ginsberg, Sylvester Stallone as Burroughs, Sandra Bullock as Neal Cassady
Status: Pre-production

Cyber Elements Added to Storyline:

One night, Ginsberg reveals to Kerouac that he's really a cyborg shaman kickboxer from the future of another planet, and he's brought a wireless satellite cable/modem settop box with him, which they immediately install in the back seat of Neal Cassady's '49 Mercury.

As they drive across country, Kerouac gets on Usenet and reads aloud from alt.books.beatgeneration and everybody gets depressed and tries, but fails, to smash into a tree when it's his turn to drive.

Potential Problems:

Coppola wants to shoot entire film in Vietnam during Monsoon season, to get authentic "jazz improvisatory" feel of the beatnik era.

Bullock threatening to pull out if Winona Ryder doesn't replace Hanks as Kerouac.


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