Hollywood's Coming!
Films with Internet Retrofits:


Studio: New Line
Director: John Woo
Screenplay: Roger Avary
Stars: Keanu Reeves, Sandra Bullock, Meg Ryan
Status: Pre-production

Script changes to make it more "Cyber":

In the original version, the lead character was an undercover cop who's always getting into the dirtiest, slimiest low-life situations, always ending in hour-long shootouts with hundreds of millions of actual rounds fired, tens of millions of dollars in damage done, and at least a few production people accidentally shot and killed in the process.

In the updated Internet version, the lead character is a mild-mannered geek microserf programmer-detective, who quietly studies the nature of the crime and then methodically designs just the right website to entice and entrap the guilty party -- without a struggle, and with almost zero effort.

Then, in the end, when it's all over, and the bad guy's been put away for life, the programmer celebrates by logging on to every major national online service and Internet Provider and bringing them all down at once by launching 100,000 simultaneous background processes on each.

Production problems:

No blatant problems or delays per se, but half the grips and gaffers chose to be listed in the final credits as "Alan Smithee."


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