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Hollywood's Coming!
Films About the Internet


Studio: MGM/UA
Director: Iain Softley
Stars: Fisher Stevens, Sandra Bullock
Release Date: September 15 (originally July 21)
Gross: 6.9 million - 3 week (10/1)


Young hackers break into the computers of leading American corporations, but then are so impressed by the corporate documents they steal from them, that they get all serious and work hard in school and quickly go on to become high-powered communications industry CEOs, themselves.

In the final scene, the now adult ex-hackers get together to celebrate their appearance on the latest "Wired" cover -- which flatteringly depicts them as suppurating pustules on the body of David Hasselhoff.

But as they get drunker, they realize what a hollow, stupid victory it is, and what a mistake they've all made with their lives. And, as the closing credits roll, they drop acid together and, locking arms, tearfully hum an off-key "Inna Gadda Da Vida" in 3 or 4-part harmony -- till they pass out on the floor and the screen fades to black.

Production Problems:

Several delays in shooting while lead actors were hospitalized for malnutrition and general "weird behavior" as a result of eating only strict "hacker" diet of Crackerjacks and Coke throughout production.


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