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Studio: Warner Bros.
Director: Andy Sipes
Screenplay: Charlie Fletcher
Stars: William Baldwin, Cindy Crawford, Sandra Bullock, Keanu Reeves
Release Date: November 3, 1995
Total Gross: $10.32 million (as of: 11/19)


A Miami cop (Baldwin) helps a young lawyer (Crawford) escape from high-tech killers. But once they're safe, she informs him there's a CD-ROM implanted in her brain and if someone doesn't quickly implant a quad-speed CD-ROM drive there to play it, then the earth is doomed.

Baldwin reluctantly agrees to perform the delicate operation with improvised tools, but when it's done, and they play the CD, Crawford suddenly morphs into Sandra Bullock and Baldwin morphs into Keanu Reeves, and then Reeves and Bullock both promptly lapse into a shared coma.

Through Virtual Reality, we are taken into this coma which is equally a part of both actors, but because of low resolution (or not enough bits or something), Sandra Bullock appears as Melanie Griffith and Keanu Reeves appears as himself.

Meanwhile, the CD-ROM in Cindy Crawford's brain is still playing and patiently revealing the secrets of world peace and universal love -- but then, at the very end, it says how these secrets won't work unless Don Johnson is the star of the film that teaches them to the masses, and Erik Estrada is the company spokesperson.

Production Delays:

Principal Photography was postponed for 2 weeks while Sipes and Warner debated replacing Crawford with either Meg Ryan or Photoshop 4.0.

Ultimately, the software was auditioned and got the part, but once shooting started, it seemed to break down laughing whenever it tried to read its lines and, finally, had to be re-replaced by Crawford.


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