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Studio: Warner
Director: Clint Eastwood
Stars: Jeff Bridges, Beau Bridges, Lloyd Bridges, Mercedes McCambridge, Clint Eastwood, Meryl Streep
Release Date: June 2
Gross: 68.6 million - 10 weeks (8/06)

Changes in final cut to make it more "Cyber":

The only scene where Eastwood and Streep actually kiss was removed completely and replaced with a scene where they log onto the WELL and get into a heated online debate about the utter worthlessness of heated online debates in determining the value of heated online debate.

When they finally log off, they're both so depressed, that Eastwood just hops in his Citroen and goes home, and the film ends with him shooting pictures out the window of the car as he drives at top speed, just barely missing crashing into majestic, hand-carved telephone poles and beautiful old covered bridges.

Production problems:

Shooting stopped for a month while Eastwood negotiated with Sandra Bullock to replace Streep. But in the end, Bullock would only do it if Keanu Reeves replaced Eastwood, and a '56 Dodge Power Wagon replaced the Citroen.


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